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BEHIND GAME GROUP is a holding company based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands which harmonizes and pools the needs, resources and collaborative tools for all companies in the ecosystem. Based in London, KNOWING CAPITAL is the financial services holding company for the group. It also runs WORTH FUNDS, a Crowdfunding company based in Bucharest, Romania.

Group companies have their headquarters in Europe with the exception of MY BODY LIKE in Singapore.


BEHIND GAME GROUP develops tools and solutions for digital transformation, remote work and teleconsultation, with a focus on cost reduction and efficiency and constant concern for the well-being and health of the body and spirit of the collaborators. Our goal is to democratize investments.


Join us and start investing in our values and our internet platform dedicated to crowdfunding.


Agreements at Work
in the Group

Working time:
- 35 hours per week
Variable hours:
- Time range of arrival times between 8h00 and 10h00 a.m.
- Time range of departure times between 5h00 and 7h00 p.m.
Home days: 2 days a week

Variable days in company: 3 days a week
- At the office, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
- In coworking, Wednesday and Friday
Full-Remote: (1 day of presence chosen by management)
- February, April, October, December
- Other authorized special cases

Group companies

Innovative, digital, socially responsible companies,

created or being created in high-growth sectors around the world.


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If you have questions about
how to become a shareholder alongside us, how to integrate your project or company
to our group?

Do not hesitate to contact us

Whatever your financial profile!

Financial Transparency:

KNOWING CAPITAL LTD does not produce Investment Advice, nor Recommendations for the purchase or sale of financial securities for third parties. The purpose of the company is the management and development of funds through digital stock or cryptocurrency wallets; and to raise funds through the crowdfunding, these means will allow and encourage private investment in the company of its shareholder(s) as well as through external contributions (shareholders, loans and donations); the first means to develop equity and equity participation to grow interests or control of selected companies; the second means to help the expansion or the refinancing of unlisted companies in which its private shareholder(s) has an interest. Based in London, the company's business classification is: (64205) Activities of financial services holding companies.

Nor does the site constitute Investment Advice for visitors or Internet readers. He wants to give an example, a justification of the origin of the financial flows of shareholders and self-financing also on the one hand, and on the other hand to attract shareholders with high skills and experience within the companies supported directly by KNOWING CAPITAL LTD or indirectly by its shareholders.

KNOWING CAPITAL LTD uses preferred partners inside platforms and Certified Traders whom certificats are verified.

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