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Investment Strategies

Our certified Traders partners have the expertise and time to follow the markets, consult the statistics, risk scores.
Our managers only have to follow our portfolios and adapt the investment advice received and made to the overall capital and bonus management strategy.

Management of market positions

To reinforce the expected results or benefits and even maximize the gains, the experts also take advantage of advanced BOTS at their disposal.
Moreover, some AIs are probably dedicated to larger sums than the budget granted for our trading in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Scheduling withdrawals and investment replay

For security, our traders are paid directly by the platform(s) so there are no management fees or other hidden costs. The income obtained; after automatic debit of trading spreads and/or transaction fees if applicable; are at each cash outflow allocated to operations and imperatives of the companies of the group partly if not reinvested.

Our Favorite Cryptocurrency Platforms

A Trader will never ask your credit card or none bank account passwords!
You only have to pay
a commission on the successes of your investments on its platforms.


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I am Kolia Louison, founder of the Group.

I am accompanied, in the investment strategy and management of the company's investments to promote, increase profits and the development of the group.

In 1997 I started as Serial Entrepreneur (e-commerce, marketing or advertising agencies, management consulting, cybersecurity consulting, reputation or wellness portal...) by learning from my mistakes. Then from 2006; lecturer and trainer; in more than 9 countries. I accompanied companies; SMEs and large groups; in e-marketing, data marketing, digital transformation and data protection through continuous training in Cybersecurity.
Angel investor since 2017, I have turned to the
Forex & Crypto Trading to increase my financial capacity to act - both privately and professionally. Surrounded by consultants training experts and finance mangers, I share this experience through my company: KNOWING CAPITAL.

I invest in you and your good ideas as much as I encourage entrepreneurship and investment in my international companies.

If you have questions about
how to become a shareholder alongside us, how to integrate your project or company
to our group?

Do not hesitate to contact us

Whatever your financial profile!

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